jansong (jansong) wrote,

Day 24

Day 24 clue:
____out a song, the day would never end

(To anyone who already has this clue, I wrote "will" and not "would." Odd how memory isn't accurate.)
Seems an appropriate lyric to end our game. The end of this lyric says, "A man ain't got a friend...."

Thank you all for playing. I love this daily contact for 24 days. It has become my favorite holiday tradition. So.... now that you have solved the puzzle, do you know the resulting song? it is pretty obscure, but some of you HAVE sung it under my direction. Melinda doesn't recognize it, but she may have been 4 when she first sang it.

And yes, the breathing test says I have asthma. I'll see the doctor in January to discuss what I need to do about it. At this point, it just makes me cough.

Day 24 kids round clue:
Yuletide by the fireside and _____ mem'ries there

This is a pretty contemporary song, I think. i didn't know it. I went searching the web for a lyric to get the word I needed.

Do you know the round that has emerged?
Thank you for playing. It's been a pretty difficult puzzle for young kids. I'll need to plan more carefully next year.
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