jansong (jansong) wrote,

Passion and Compassion

For days I've been trying to formulate some thoughts going into the new year. I'm having difficulty finding words to express gratitude and at the same time putting words to troubling thoughts that bubble up. 2008 was such a mixed bag. But, I've come out of the morning cleaning frenzy with some thoughts about passion and compassion. I am really grateful for the "passion" each family member has for the things they do in life. We all have different passions, and sometimes we really haven't a whole lot of understanding for each other's directions, but we CAN appreciate that we all love what we do. We all are excited about what we believe and how we understand the universe. And, I believe that we all have compassion for each other and each other's choices. However, I become so excited about my own passion that sometimes I have trouble understanding why everyone isn't as excited about my choices. My resolution for the new year is to work on compassion for other's passions.

Also, as I've once again been listening to the song, "I'm turning into my mother," I realize ever more clearly that you don't understand life's next stage until YOU are in it. Now I realize why my mother and Aunt Pat felt the way they did. Friend, Judi, always hated being told when she was young that she was going through a "stage." Heck! Those stages never stop. Each age is a stage in life. Both a blessing and a curse.

And finally I'm feeling enormous gratitude for the "gift" each person gives us just by being a part of our lives. I've had the intention of sending notes to people telling them ONE thing that has enriched me by knowing them. I may get to this yet, folks......
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