jansong (jansong) wrote,

Letter to my grandchildren

Dear Mitchell and Allie,

The inauguration of President Obama on Tuesday will be an exciting and historic day. I'm looking forward to watching the events on TV and I look forward to watching for the float that Proof Productions is building for the parade.

As I was telling Uncle Eric about the float, he told me about the inauguration of President Eisenhower in 1952. I would have said, "reminded me" except that I don't remember the event at all. Uncle Eric remembers much more of our childhood than I do.

In 1952 Eric and I were almost 10 years old, and we lived three blocks from school. All of the children in the neighborhood would go home for lunch each day. Only a few people owned televisions in those days. We were fortunate to have one that had been given to us when someone bought a new one. The screen on our TV was 6".

1952 was the first year that the presidential inauguration was televised. Our mother (who would be your great-grandmother) got permission from our school for Eric and me to stay home an extra hour after lunch on Inauguration Day so that we could watch this event on television. Eric remembers that day very vividly. I don't, but I'm happy that he told me about it this week.

Maybe when you are nearly 67 years old, you will remember vividly the inauguration of President Obama in 2009.

We will be thinking of you on Tuesday, and as always we are sending much love to both of you and to your mom and dad.

Love, Grandma
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