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Written early in the day February 20th on Facebook

No doubt I'll have to add to this as the day goes on, but I must make a few notes now so I don't forget. I'm quite overwhelmed by all the wishes here. Makes me feel most cared for. Also, it calls to mind birthdays of years past in Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. So many of you have been a part of my life for some years.

We expected to have a meeting here at the house this morning and I had planned to bake something sort of healthy. Meeting was cancelled. I began to crave a coconut doughnut. (This craving goes back to my years as a church choir director in Michigan.) However, nowadays I think I ought to walk to Dunkin' Donuts if I am going to eat such a treat. Thus I did, even though it was bitter cold with a fierce wind. (Reminded me of NYC in the winter.) Arrived there in time to get the last coconut donut and to get something Bob would like, too.

Just before I left, I had a phone call from someone (I didn't catch what she said her role was) at the South Hadley town offices wishing me a happy birthday. What a lovely town gesture.

Later this afternoon I will teach one lesson and then we will go to Northampton to have dinner with friends at a Mexican Restaurant. Bob doesn't like Mexican food, but he will share with me this treat once a year. :)

Yesterday we shopped for my presents. I got some new slippers that I am cozy and warm wearing as I type. My mother often would buy me slippers for my birthday as they would be on sale after Christmas. So it is a nostalgia gift besides feeling good.

And then, because I have this dark sense of humor, Bob bought me, AS REQUESTED by me, a new snow shovel. I don't think my old shovel is going to last the season. They have to be lightweight for me, but the plastic ones do break down. I find some delight (hopefully not at my husband's expense) in saying I got a snow shovel for my birthday.

We finished the birthday shopping with a daffodil plant. This time of year I crave flowers that will remind me that spring will come. I got a hyacinth for Valentine's Day. Just a few more weeks and surely plants will come up in the yard -- and snow will be gone.

That's enough to say for now. Thank you for all the memories, of times spent with each of you, that come to my mind when you are writing to me here. Love and hugs!
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