jansong (jansong) wrote,

Birthday reflections, part 2

We had a lovely time on the evening of my birthday, meeting good friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant with pastries at their home afterwards. Good visit time. I loved the food. And then the weekend continued. Daughter, Melinda brought Lucy dog over to walk on Saturday morning. Good mom and daughter talk time, even though it was cold. Tea time after with Bob joining us was fun, too. Melinda and I ate the leftovers from the night before. Bob joined us for left over donuts and pastries. Then on Sunday, Bob suggested moving a little furniture around in the study. Moving furniture is one of my favorite things to do! Bob usually hates it. And to get the changes in the study meant a few living room and hallway and upstairs changes. I had a grand time. I only like house cleaning if I get to move furniture. We had Sunday night popcorn (nearly all of our Michigan popcorn is gone, I sadly report) and other treats while we watched the Oscar ceremony. Even I stayed up to the end! More good wishes continue to come by snail mail. I've dragged this celebration out about as long as I can.
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