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I haven't posted in so long.

And I haven't even been here to lurk very often. Facebook more often, but even there, I've been out of touch. It's travel and company month. August 1st we flew to Chicago for "FlamingOfest '09" which is just as silly as it sounds. It is puppet theater with puppets that are plastic pink flamingos. In the 70s we had student teachers who came to our school for the band program in Michigan, and they had created this in college. The gathering in Chicago was a re-enactment of these songs. Judi flew in from CA, friends came by train from MI, and two people flew up from FL. Many of these people are a big part of our history. Ken and Pam's wedding reception was at our house on Thanksgiving in 1978. We took part in Curt and Judie's wedding when Curt turned 40 in 1972. Bob walked Judi "down the aisle" when she and Scott were wed in 1988. Not sure if all those dates are correct. We had a blast gathering and laughing and remembering and preparing. We need people in our lives who share our history.

From Chicago, some of us drove on down to Indianapolis for DCI -- Drum Corps International finals. What a lovely city downtown. It's always exciting to watch drum corps on finals week. We were thrilled the Blue Devils had an undefeated season as that is the corps where Judi's husband, Scott, heads the percussion department. We celebrated our wedding anniversary there and we had Nutella. Nutella milkshakes are wonderful!

The drive back to Chicago on the 9th was slow and the flight home was delayed, but we arrived safely home at 1:15 a.m. on Monday the 10th. On Tuesday, Lisa Blake and her daughter, Morgan, arrived for a visit. Lisa was a student of ours when we first were married 44 years ago. She has remained a good friend all these years. She left on Thursday and Mike and Carol Morse arrived. I've known Mike and Carol for 49+ years as Mike was my first friend when I got to Olivet College in January of 1960. His father was minister of a church in MA four miles from where my grandfather was a retired minister. I sang for Mike and Carol's wedding in June of 1960 and they have remained close, close friends of ours all these years. Last night we were trying to recall when they first met Bob.

Mike and Carol left this morning and on Thursday a woman we have not seen for many years arrives. Bob first worked with her in an elementary school choir when she was in 3rd grade. She sang for our wedding 44 years ago when she was 13. We eagerly look forward to getting to know her again.

In between all of this we are doing more teaching. Our daughter, Melinda, has joined our studio since her job has been cut back to four days a week. We are finding that we love teaching together and she can work both with my voice students and Bob's acting students. She has strengths and a background "in the business" that we don't have. If you have a desire to read about the studio, check out: http://acttoostudio.com/

"Michigan month" will end this weekend, but how wonderful it is to connect our current life here with all of our Michigan history.
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