Passion and Compassion

For days I've been trying to formulate some thoughts going into the new year. I'm having difficulty finding words to express gratitude and at the same time putting words to troubling thoughts that bubble up. 2008 was such a mixed bag. But, I've come out of the morning cleaning frenzy with some thoughts about passion and compassion. I am really grateful for the "passion" each family member has for the things they do in life. We all have different passions, and sometimes we really haven't a whole lot of understanding for each other's directions, but we CAN appreciate that we all love what we do. We all are excited about what we believe and how we understand the universe. And, I believe that we all have compassion for each other and each other's choices. However, I become so excited about my own passion that sometimes I have trouble understanding why everyone isn't as excited about my choices. My resolution for the new year is to work on compassion for other's passions.

Also, as I've once again been listening to the song, "I'm turning into my mother," I realize ever more clearly that you don't understand life's next stage until YOU are in it. Now I realize why my mother and Aunt Pat felt the way they did. Friend, Judi, always hated being told when she was young that she was going through a "stage." Heck! Those stages never stop. Each age is a stage in life. Both a blessing and a curse.

And finally I'm feeling enormous gratitude for the "gift" each person gives us just by being a part of our lives. I've had the intention of sending notes to people telling them ONE thing that has enriched me by knowing them. I may get to this yet, folks......

Merry Christmas! Love to you all!

The crossword puzzle solution can be found at:
Let me know if you would like me to attach it in an e-mail. Also, I've recorded both of the tunes to the puzzle songs and can send them to you, if you'd like to hear the tune (tunes.)

The Wise Men from “The Christmas Crib” by Roy Ringwald

From the faroff mountain, over desert sand,
Come the holy wise men from the Eastern land.
On their camels riding, with their gifts in store,
Holy wise men, coming, worship and adore.

Joyful Singing (4 part round) by Adrienne Tindall, 1995

Listen to the angel song;
see the heavens filled with light;
join your voices, sing along:
peace to all the earth this night.

Day 24

Day 24 clue:
____out a song, the day would never end

(To anyone who already has this clue, I wrote "will" and not "would." Odd how memory isn't accurate.)
Seems an appropriate lyric to end our game. The end of this lyric says, "A man ain't got a friend...."

Thank you all for playing. I love this daily contact for 24 days. It has become my favorite holiday tradition. So.... now that you have solved the puzzle, do you know the resulting song? it is pretty obscure, but some of you HAVE sung it under my direction. Melinda doesn't recognize it, but she may have been 4 when she first sang it.

And yes, the breathing test says I have asthma. I'll see the doctor in January to discuss what I need to do about it. At this point, it just makes me cough.

Day 24 kids round clue:
Yuletide by the fireside and _____ mem'ries there

This is a pretty contemporary song, I think. i didn't know it. I went searching the web for a lyric to get the word I needed.

Do you know the round that has emerged?
Thank you for playing. It's been a pretty difficult puzzle for young kids. I'll need to plan more carefully next year.

Day 23

Day 23 song clue:
Far ____ the home I love

Off this morning for round two of "Do I have asthma?" breathing tests.
Cold, cold, cold day, but I was out shoveling in cold temperatures yesterday a.m.
Thus, I don't think I have cold induced asthma anyway.

Day 23 kids round clue:
Bells are ringing, Children _______

Day 22

Day 22 clue:
You put your right foot __

Snow. Snow. Snow. I don't even think the expected rain can take away our white Christmas. I'm not sure all e-mail messages reached me over the weekend. Some gremlins out there on the airwaves with the snow, perhaps.

Day 22 kids round clue:
____ calling birds, three French hens

The next two days are all about the title of this song.

Day 20

Day 20 song clue:
All is quiet on the _______ front

Beware - if you don't know the song, you probably will think of the movie title that will be WRONG.

Day 20 kids round song clue:
When Santa's sleigh bells ring, I ______ all around

(A student of mine recorded this song for her family for Christmas)

Day 19

Day 19 song clue:
____ the river and through the wood

(We tend to sing "woods" but it really was written "wood" just like Deck the "hall" really is one hall though we often make that plural.)

It is high school winter concert time, and we have attended a couple of them this week. At Amherst we heard the best high school chorale we've heard in years. It was a holiday treat. Today we expect our first BIG snow of the season. The college kids are home and we have Billy Ray already lined up to shovel.

Day 19 kids round clue:
Come on and ____ together with the band.

I never have heard this song. My kids game is often harder than the other puzzle.

Day 18

Day 18 song clue:
Take me ______ in the car

I've never heard yesterday or today's song. I found the lyrics on google because I needed these words. Extra bonus points if someone actually knows the songs.

Day 18 kids round clue:
This little _____ of mine

Day 17

Day 17 song clue:
I will see you in ___ ___ places

Day 17 kids round:
___ I want for Christmas is my two front teeth